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Timing Requests

Timing Requests

When making an online entry the person making the entry is advised of the likely times and dates at which the event is to occur.   If the competitor is not able to attend any of these times it is best that they do not enter at all, because it will almost certainly result in a "no-show" , which is disappointing for everyone.

On the other hand, if they are able to attend on some of the possible days but not on others they should make the entry and include the dates of non-availability under the last item of information requested "( Timing Request)".  If they have no known clashes with scheduled times this field should be left blank, leaving maximum scope for timetabling to the Coordinator.

If the Coordinator is unable to timetable the event as requested he/she will advise the entrant by email and give them a choice of a refund - or possibly transfer to an equivalent event.  

PLEASE BE REASONABLE IN MAKING SUCH REQUESTS.   Stating, for instance, that you can only attend between 2 and 4 pm on one particular  Saturday afternoon is not a Timing Request that will be given a deal of sympathetic consideration, as it is extremely restricting for other competitors in the same event - but you are certainly entitled to request it if it is indeed the only time you can turn up. NB: On the entry form keep your request to one continuous line, i.e. do not use carriage returns, as the following lines may get missed.

SENIORS EVENTS - as there is only one day specified for the Seniors session please leave the Timing Request blank unless you are limited as to when you can arrive or  if you need to leave early for some reason.