Seniors Preregistration

Seniors (Fifty Plus ) PreRegistration

Seniors Events Performers - or a friend/teacher etc. -  should choose the event number from the dropdown list  which is available as a menu item for the day on which they are performing.  If a mistake is made the information may be reentered - or corrected at the front desk on arrival at the hall.   

Submission should be  completed NO LATER THAN ONE DAY before the performance to assist in the smooth running of the seniors event, with the supplied information being included for the audience's benefit on a large screen at the hall.

Information needed:

• TITLE -  of piece/work to be performed

• Composer  ( can be "trad." or "anon." in folk songs etc )  In the case of speeches etc. (with no composer) some info should be given so that the audience can be better informed as to what is being presented.

 Seniors Events do NOT require music to be provided to the adjudicator, but from 2016 it is recommended that musical items provide a copy if possible.

FILL IN THE DETAILS BELOW and press NEXT to proceed.  (If item has an asterisk on it it must not be left black)