• Please take note of the deadlines for the various disciplines.

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  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

General Info

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Adjudicators for 2024

NB: The Eisteddfod endeavours to have a changing set of adjudicators , so that normally there will be a five-year turn-around period between having the same adjudicator on duty in any particular discipline/session.


 Ben Oxley

Classical Vocal

Gabrielle Fisher & Rachel Cunningham

Amplified Vocal



Anita Carmen Crawford, Katrina Papallo

Instrumental Ensembles

Brendon Lukin

Woodwinds & Brass

Brendon Lukin


Glenna Amer


Glenn Amer & Yanghee Kim

Speech & Drama

Paul March, Merryl Lloyd, Angela Tesoriero


Darren McIntyre & Luke Alleva
Ballet Class - Jocelyn Eddie

Seniors/50 Plus

Pamela Herring