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  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

General Info

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Information for Contestants

Information for contestants

  • A minimum of five (5) entries (or in the case of group performances, three (3) competitor groups) is normally required for a section to take place.
    If the Section Manager decides to hold an event in which fewer than three competitors are officially entered, then that section will normally be held FOR ADJUDICATION ONLY. Where exceptional standard of performance results, awarding of a prize may be recommended by the adjudicator.
    In some cases COMBINED EVENTS may be held - grouping otherwise unviable performances together to enable a competitive event, with the performers adjudicated under the conditions applying to their entered event.
    If an entrant is likely to be unable to perform at a particular time they should make use of the Timing Request facility of Online Booking. It may not be possible for timetabling to meet their requirements but knowledge of the requirement should reduce the likelihood of the entrant being unable to attend.
  • The Ryde Eisteddfod Committee and/or adjudicator reserve the right to reduce or withdraw a published cash prize or trophy
    • if a satisfactory standard of performance has not been reached or
    • if a section has attracted an insufficient number of entries, or
    • if nonattendance has made the section unviable on the day  of the competition.
  • The Ryde Eisteddfod Committee reserves the right to amend the Official Programme. This includes dividing or merging any section for easier programming purposes, altering the time of performance for individual competitors if requested for legitimate reasons, and cancelling sections where an insufficient number of competitors has registered
  • The task of choosing the right material for each section rests solely with the competitor. All competitors are reminded that suitability and the degree of difficulty of the item will be taken into consideration by the adjudicator.
    Please do not choose vocal music with offensive lyrics either for performance or for backing CDs for dance.
  • The Ryde Eisteddfod Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator for an announced adjudicator.
  • Competitors are advised to consider their appearance, which is part of the overall presentation and performance before a paying audience. School uniform or similar smart and neat attire is suitable.
  • Adjudicators’ reports will be made available to each competitor, free of charge, at the end of each section or group of sections.
  • Courtesy is expected of the audience during any Eisteddfod performance. Audience members may be asked to leave the auditorium if they disturb a performance.
  • The Eisteddfod is a non-profit organisation, and the committee and other workers are all volunteers.
    Please show them consideration for their time and effort. Requests, complaints, and helpful suggestions are always welcome, though preferably in writing, so they can be dealt with in full committee meetings.
  • DISABLED COMPETITORS ARE WELCOME. PLEASE ADVISE SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS ON ENTRY FORM. On the Online add this information to the "Comments" at the bottom of the entry form before final submission.   .   If you forget to do so, send a follow-up email to the Online Administrator, who can add the information to your entry.