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General Info

General Information Pages

Submit Performance Details

Submit Performance Details (alias pre-registration) 

applies to Instrumental,  Vocal and Seniors (50 Plus) sections - and in some cases, Speech events.     It is designed to

  • streamline the process of music or event item entry at the Registration Desk.  
  • enable more information to be given to the audience as to what is being performed.

Vocal, Instrumental, Speech or  Seniors/50Plus Sections from the submenus which appear when you click on the Submit Details Menu

The sessions are listed by days. 

Choose the day on which the performance is to take part, enter the name and contact email for the person submitting the information (it does not need to be the performer or the teacher …  just someone we can contact if there is a query about the details supplied. )

You will then be asked to choose the event from a drop-down list for the days events.  If you cannot find your event please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You need to supply the

  • *Competitor Name or  No.  (or both, if you know the number )
  • *Title of Work
  • *Composer/Author (particularly  if a music item is being presented - in Seniors events some info about the item may be relevant )
  • In certain sections  two or three  items are expected (e.g. choral events, band events, scholarship vocals, multi-instruments etc.).  Generally the form will only ask for multiple items if it is appropriate to that section.  If more information is asked - e.g. playing only 2 instruments in a multi-instrument section, then leave the remaining items blank.

The online administrator will convey this information to the Coordinator, for projection at the venue.

From 2023 it will be possible to fill in the PERFORMANCE DETAILS FORM by phone up to the start of the event - or manually lodged at the front desk for entry  by the front-of-house staff on the day (please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the event if choosing this option.)


• In addition to the performance details there is a requirement for copies of the material being performed to be supplied to the adjudicator. 
This can be brought to the hall OR uploaded as a file online before arriving.  Follow the directions for labelling of the file.

  • For  AMPLIFIED VOCAL SECTIONS there is no need to present copies of the music/speech etc. for the adjudicator.  In SENIORS (50PLUS) SECTIONS competitors are encouraged to supply a copy, particularly if it is an own-composition work.
  • For Vocal and Choral Events adjudicator copies need to be submitted at the front desk on arrival - this detail should agree with the performance details submitted.
  • In all instrumental  events copies of the music need to be EITHER UPLOADED or a copy submitted  at the registration desk on arrival.   This will be expected to agree with the PERFORMANCE DETAILS YOU HAVE SUBMITTED 
  • - if you need to alter the information submitted  please make sure you arrive at the front desk NO LATER THAN 15 minutes before the START of the session.


Each uploaded adjudicator item  should be labelled with the Event Number and Competitor No. - it may be written on the first page before scanning or submitted as an extra cover sheet.    - e.g competitors 4 in section 204B would label their submitted  music file as 204B_4.pdf.

APRA requires files uploaded in this way to be removed from both the eisteddfod computer and the competitor's computer at the conclusion of the eisteddfod session at which the work is being performed.

An appropriate APRA/AMCOS form will need to be filled in by competitors indicating that they are the owners of the original music.