• Please take note of the deadlines for the various disciplines.

  • Volunteers always needed. Read about this on front page menu item

  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

Information about Entries

Information about Entries

Entry Information

Entry Information

Notification: It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain information about dates & venues for the performance. A POSTED PROGRAMME or A DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAMME are available for purchase on the website.  However from 2024 the timetabling information will be emailed to the person submitting an order - for events on that order AND to each person on that order who submits an email address.

Programming of events: If a certain day or time is impossible for an entrant, this information should be entered as “timing request” on the entry page ONLINE. If making a paper entry please indicate this with an asterisk on the event - with details on a separate sheet of paper when submitting your entry. The convenor will endeavour to programme you accordingly (this may not always be possible, if there are too many conflicting requests). Special efforts will be made for persons submitting entries into multiple disciplines within Ryde Eisteddfod if there is a clash of times between the various disciplines.

Speech & Drama entrants: The set works are available for download on the Ryde Eisteddfod web site. «www.re.org.au» If you have difficulty with this or you have noone who can download it for you please post a request to the secretary , enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope and clear indication of what is needed.

Teacher Pass: One Teacher Pass allowing free entry to all venues will be available ONLINE by a bona fide teacher - see the item "004 Special Admission Passes" These should be printed off and signed by the teacher before arriving at the first venue.

A transporting parent’s pass may be ordered by those operating car pools for ensembles at midweek (schoolday) events. These should be ordered online, printed off and signed by the transporting parent – to be presented at the admission table ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT indicated. NOTE: This applies to parents supplying transport for members of a school group where the school cannot provide that transport.

Changes to entries requested after the closing date: These may be considered, if exceptional circumstances have arisen. Such requests should be directed to the convenor for that section.

Direct credit payment: For those who cannot pay on-line, or who wish not to send a cheque or money-order, direct credit may be arranged. AT CHECKOUT the payment entry of DIRECT TRANSFER or SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT may be chosen and this will ensure an invoice with bank details is supplied with the confirmation of successful placement of order.