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Information about Entries

Information about Entries

ETC - Extended Time Coupon

ETC - Extra Time Coupon

Certain Instrumental Events  and Seniors Events  (marked with an asterisk) can have an extra time component added to the time limit.   In any one year's competitions one competitor may purchase no more than ONE of these coupons - equivalent to 2 extensions of 1 minute to each of 2 events OR a  maximum  of 2 minutes to one event.  In the ETC entry box under the competitor name you are asked to identify the 1 or 2 events to which the ETC is to be applied. 

Such coupons are designed to make it possible for students who are already preparing works for other performances (such as the HSC or an AMEB examination) to include performances of these works in their Eisteddfod presentations, without the need to make musically undesirable cuts to these works.

ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD REALISE THAT THE TIME LIMITS ON THESE EVENTS WILL BE CAREFULLY NOTED SO THAT both extended and regular performances do not exceed their time limits.