• Please take note of the deadlines for the various disciplines.

  • Volunteers always needed. Read about this on front page menu item

  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

Information about Entries

Information about Entries

Timetable Notifications

From 2024 there will be direct notification BY EMAIL to competitors and to people making entries. 

Emails will be sent to:

• each person making an order with the email address supplied on that order

• each competitor entered on any order, provided the competitor's name is supplied. 

      On the FIRST entry for ANY  competitor a teacher/parent/submitter, submitting an entry will require  an email address for that competitor, to which notifications should be sent - there is a charge of $2 for that submission

UNLESS a programme  (either posted or downloadable) has been ordered for that competitor.


•   enter their performing details

•   submit backing tracks/music uploads

including the correct event number and competitor number supplied to them or determined from the programme.

If you wish to change the contact details  for the competitor this is possible -- fill in the form available under Update Competitor Emails