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Information about Entries

Information about Entries



- Offline Option for Teachers who have a lot of students to enter.

Some teachers choose to enter all of their students events once they have collected them - and often close to the deadline.   They therefore can have a harrowing time trying to get all of the information entered.

WHERE THEY ARE MAKING MORE THAN TEN ENTRIES in this fashion they may choose to download the Volume Entry Excel Spreadsheet (see below).  This is a file with three "sheets" - see the 'tabs' or 'buttons' at the bottom of the sheet and you can choose whichever you wish to work on.  The third sheet is locked to change but may be useful to read as it has all of the possible events listed.

• Top Sheet (InfoENTRY) needs address, email etc. of the person entering the events

• Second Sheet (Entry Details) is the main working sheet, where each event is selected and the necessary information such as competitor name (s) , age, ....  should be entered.   There is an initial column for "no."  - will automatically be 1 but if, say,  ordering multiple copies of the programme,  you can change the number.    Note: Details of the event chosen, price for the event, total price etc. will be automatically calculated once the Event Number is entered

Third Sheet (Event Details) has the data for the events and provides the data which is brought through to the entry sheet 2 when the event number (e.g. 231A or 320B or 532C or 106 or 701C is entered).  It can also provide a useful quick reference sheet for teachers & students.

NOTE: If for some reason the correct information does not come up when the Event is entered in the EVENT column on the Entry Details sheet  you can add this information in manually (e.g. the programmes numbers occasionally do not lookup correctly)

ONCE COMPLETED the file should be saved as a different name (something informative such as "SMITh30xx.xls") and sent to the eisteddfod address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  NO LATER THAN THE STATED DEADLINE for the particular discipline.     Once the file is received a payment request will be sent, enabling the total amount to be paid by credit card or paypal.   The Posted Cheque option of payment will only be available if the cheque can arrive at the eisteddfod post box

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