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Scholarship/Special Awards

Rotary Clubs Speech Scholarships

The Combined Rotary Clubs of the City of Ryde

sponsor two scholarships in the speech events

Junior Rotary Scholarship 14 years and under (Section 520) - Special Cash Prize to Winner and Runner-up

Senior Rotary Scholarship 15 years and over (Section 521) - Special Cash Prize to Winner and Runner-up

 In both scholarships the entrants to qualify

  • must enter and participate in at least 2 other SOLO speech sections , at least one being a dramatic section (.e.g. character solo)
  • perform one Test Piece (see Set Works)
  • perform one Character Recital no longer than 5 minutes (may be the same item as chosen for a previous character recital).  Own Choice. No costume.

Note: A previous winner of a Ryde Eisteddfod Rotary Scholarship may not re-enter the same event until a period of 2 years has elapsed - i.e. the winner  of the scholarship in 2022 may not reenter the same scholarship event until 2024.