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Scholarship/Special Awards

Vocal Scholarships

Major Vocal Scholarships

Major Cash awards are made to top performers in the vocal events:


A previous winner of a Vocal Scholarship may not re-enter the SAME event until a time of 2 years will have elapsed. i.e. a winner in 2021 may re-enter the event in 2023, but not a winner in 2022.

Where heats need to be held, finalists will be selected on the highest marks awarded over ALL heats, not necessarily the placegetters in each heat. 

110B - LIEDER 18 years and over.   

2 contrasting Lieder are entered - one to be sung in the preliminary heats, both to be sung in the finals.

  • 110A - OPERATIC ARIA 21 years and over

2 arias are entered - the first to be sung in the preliminary heats, both to be sung in the finals.

 To qualify for the Scholarship entrants must also perform in at least 2 other vocal sections, NOT INCLUDING AMPLIFIED VOCAL SECTIONS. 

  • 110C - Rising Star Opera Award

"stepping stone" event to the Operatic and Lieder scholarships, this award requires 2 items of contrasting nature - 1 contemporary in style, 1 operatic OR lieder

Special Cash Prizes.

Special Choral Prizes

  • 102 - Secondary Chamber Choir

Secondary age students.  Accompanied or unaccompanied. Time limit, 8 minutes. Two contrasting items IN PARTS. 10 to 30 voices. Special Cash Prizes - First Place - $250.  Other places subject to number of entries and standard of performances.

Note: although school choral events mainly heard during school hours, Section 102 may be held in the evening choral sessions, but early in the evening programme...........

  • 105 - Philip & Peggy Woods A Capella Choir

the Federated Music Clubs' Philip & Peggy Woods Award 
Minimum 6 voices,  limit 10 minutes. Special Award of $500 by The Federated Music Clubs of Australia

  • 106 Ryde City Council Choral Award

the major choral award of the eisteddfod. Cultural Climax of the Choral Day. 
Any combination of voices. Total time limit 12 minutes. Special Cash Prize  +  Perpetual Shield Trophy

named in recognition of the great sponsoring support by Ryde City Council  over many years.