• Please take note of the deadlines for the various disciplines.

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  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

01A Advertisers

Base price:$ 50.00
Total: $ 50.00
Extra Information relating to when/if available for prizegiving, conditions on awards , .....



A single A5-size booklet is produced for each of the disciplines in the eisteddfod

  • Vocal (solos and choirs)
  • Instrumental (solos and ensembles)
  • Dance (solos and groups)
  • Speech & Drama
  • Seniors (50 Plus)

01AH/01AF - a dedicated half-page / full-page advertisement

in ONE of these disciplines, with the option of adding extra disciplines ($15 per disciplines) or choosing to have the ad in all of the disciplines (extra $40)

The advertisement can be uploaded here - sent NO LATER THAN 10th May  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Advertisers are also asked to consider the alternative (or additional) option of "sponsoring" an event.  In this case the section is announced in the sponsor's name and the sponsor is invited to present trophies if they wish.

  • Advertising space in programmes is limited to a total of one full page per 6 pages of the printed booklet, with advertisers being accommodated on a first-come basis.
  • The Eisteddfod reserves the right to refuse an advertisement if it is considered inappropriate for the audience or for the cultural aims of the City of Ryde community.