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703 SENIORS DUO (not Speech)

Duos in Vocal, Instrumental, Dance or Mixed.
Base price:$ 20.00
Total: $ 21.82

Age or Level

Age at 30th June

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Time of day or date(s) which may be difficult for this entrant

703 *SENIORS DUO (not Speech) 

Own choice. Time limit 4 minutes. See ETC if extra time needed. BOTH performers must be 50 or over. Double Trophy prizes. … Entry fee $20
Accompanied or unaccompanied.
Each competitor eligible to perform in multiple categories - with the same or different duo partner.

CD backing sound system available.

  • 703A SENIORS Vocal Duo
  • 703B SENIORS Instrumental Duo
  • 703C SENIORS Dance Duo
  • 703D  SENIORS Mixed Duo

Info about Seniors Events

Official Accompanist available

What is a timing request? Please enter request ONLY if you cannot arrive at the beginning OR if you need to leave early.

Information about Dates

Seniors Date for 2023 - Sunday afternoon, August 6th