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506 Impromptu Telephone Conversation for Two

Improvised telephone conversation
Base price:$ 20.00
Total: $ 20.00

Age at 30th June


Age at 30th June

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506 Impromptu Telephone Conversation for Two

Present an improvised telephone conversation between 2 people sitting back to back , subject being given by adjudicator 1 minute before performance.
Topic examples - "parent and teacher"; "returning something"; "organising a tradesman" etc.
Time limit 3 minutes, preparation 1 min

Note: Competitors may enter both sections of this event subject to age requirements.

  • 506A Telephone for Two 14 yrs & under
    • Double Trophy prizes.  Entry fee $20
  • 506B OPEN AGE Telephone for Two
    • Double Cash prizes.   Entry fee $25

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