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101 School Choral Ensembles

School Choral Events
Base price:$ 25.00
Total: $ 25.00

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101 School Choral Ensembles - all trophy prizes

School groups may enter formal choirs, or choruses/scenes from musical comedy, operetta or other stage or screen works. Schools' own compositions encouraged.  Live accompaniment may include instruments other than piano.

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  • 101A Infants School Vocal Group - Kindergarten to year 2 - Entry Fee $25
    • Time limit 6 minutes. 1 or 2 items.
  • 101B Primary School Vocal Group - Years 3-6 - Entry Fee $30
    • 2 items of contrasting nature, total time limit 7 minutes.
  • 101C Secondary School Vocal Group - Years 7-12. Any combination of voices - Entry Fee $30
    • 2 items of contrasting nature, at least one of which must be in parts. Total Time Limit 8 minutes.

 NOTE: Schools entered in the Primary and Secondary Vocal Group categories will be eligible for the Edna Wilde Choral Award.


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