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2RRR News Reading Scholarship Winners Stories

The Speech and Drama scholarships offerings include the 2RRR Scholarship in News Reading, the skills from which have enabled winners to go on to employment directly in news media but also in areas which value this experience.

An example of how valuable this can be is from Ryan Atkins as he describes in the soon to be published book about the first thirty years of Ryde Eisteddfod:

"It built my confidence as a performer and confident speaker and gave me the joy  of performing. …

In 2014 I won the 2RRR Radio News reading section which started my love of working on radio.

After completing the radio course, I went on to host a breakfast programme on 2RRR.  Working at 2RRR taught me so many skills and helped me move into commercial radio. I'm currently working at NEWFM broadcasing an evening programme."