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Volunteer Information

Detailed Duties Stage Manager


1.          Provided:

One blackboard, containing numbers to hang on the blackboard - OR a Projection computer/screen - Programme, Names of competitors present (liaise with registration desk to get these brought to you.)

2.          When a section is ready to start, announce it, and also the name any person of business who is donating the prize(s) If the sponsor or their representative are present, introduce them to the audience. Then call the number (not name) of the first contestant to perform, and announce the title of the item (written on the competitor slip of paper - or on the screen where projection used). In some cases (instrumental ensembles and seniors) the name of the performer(s) may be used - check with convenor.

3.          Hang the contestant's number on the blackboard under the section number - OR advance the screen presentation - so the audience can see what section is currently proceeding and which competitor is performing.

4.          After this contestant has finished, wait for a nod or indication from the adjudicator before changing the number on board/screen and announcing the next contestant.

5.       If some contestants were absent, ask at the conclusion if anyone who was eligible for this section has not yet performed. Sometimes people arrive late. If they have arrived, and the section is not over, they MAY be permitted to go on last. If no one else needs to perform, declare the section closed, and wait for the adjudicator to add up his/her marks.

6.          When the adjudicator is ready, introduce him/her to the audience, and ask the sponsor (if applicable) to come and present the prizes for this section. Some sponsors like to make a short speech, so ask if they would like to do so & allow time for this if necessary.

7.          Other duties: Remind contestants occasionally to remember to pick up their report sheets on the way out. General announcements (e.g. lost & founds, cars blocking the entrance etc.) may be required from time to time.

8.       Keep to time. If the section is running late or early, you may need to "pace" the announcements in order to keep to the time stipulated in the programme. Hurry things along if the session is running late. It causes serious inconvenience to accompanists, bus-drivers, meal preparers & others if the session goes over time. On the other hand, if the session is running early, because of a lot of absences, you can declare a tea-break, or refrain from starting the next section till the time specified. (If EVERYONE

is present and ready, you MAY start a section early).

9.               Some section coordinators like the stage manager to keep a record of prizewinners, and of other things. Consult with your coordinator if he/she needs you to do this.