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Volunteer Information

Front of House Tasks (DOOR)

Door takings

  1. The cash box and ticket system has been replaced by an EFTPOS machine to enable people to purchase tickets at the door.  Instructions are provided with the machine.   However it is hoped that many audience will have pre-purchased entry tickets online and they will need to show this at the door.
    1. NO TICKET, NO CARD - an REIOU card must be filled in , indicating that the audience member will complete the transaction online, or have a friend complete the transaction.   Eisteddfod keeps one part of the REIOU, the audience member keeps the other part, with details for payment.
    2. ONLINE TICKET - needs to be checked at the door and a dated hall ticket given to the entrant, which they may hold onto for the whole day of purchase to facility to and from the hall for that day easy.   SEASON TICKET - should be signed and shown at the front desk on every day it is used.
  2. Competitors and their accompanists enter free of charge. 
  3. Teachers' passes are available for bona fide teachers.Transporting Parent Passes are a special pass for Parents providing transport for school groups on CHORAL, BANDS and ENSEMBLES days (i.e. midweek during school hours). They should be signed by the holder and be presented on entry.   Note: Teachers Passes have an associated serial number.   This should be recorded - and the date of validity checked - as they are presented.
  4. Representatives of businesses and clubs who have sponsored an event have been invited to present prizes. Please welcome these people - and introduce them to the Stage Manager. Do not charge them an entry fee. They are honoured guests. Do make such recipients feel welcome - and offer them a session programme if that is available.
  5. Programmes are available at the price printed in programme - purchase by EFTPOS together with a purchased ticket.  However an online PICKUP PROGRAMME may have been ordered - this is handed over at the door and marked off by the Front of Door Volunteer.
  6. At the end of the day please complete the supplied door sheets indicating tickets collected and the last FRONT OF DOOR Volunteer for the day should total up the takings for the day, unless the convenor wishes to take on that role.