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Volunteer Information

List of Duties of Volunteers

List of Duties of Seasonal Event Volunteers

- summary of roles during the course of the performing season - for more detailed list of duties see the Appendix

            •          MC (or Stage Manager)

welcomes guests to the event and issues any relevant notices regarding the smooth operation of the day's events.   Announces new peformers to the stage. Works with the adjudicator to keep the events running smoothly.

            •          Scribe

works with the adjudicator to provide an adjudication sheet for each performance, ordering marks sheets prepared by the adjudicator and filling in certificates and prize sheets/trophies.

            •          Front of House (Door)

issues/checks entry tickets , provides programmes and provides general directions to performers, teachers and audience.

            •          Registration   

works with performers on entry, keeping a tally of those present., receiving music or other required materials - answers questions with regards to performance conditions - liaises with MC re attendance numbers

            •          Marshal

a major liaison task on ensembles/groups days , working with the MC and front desk to ensure a smooth flow of groups on and off stage for performance.

            •          Catering

provides refreshments to adjudicators, equipment operators, traffic management and operational volunteers at the halls as needed.