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  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

Volunteer Information

Registration Desk Tasks




 The Registration Volunteer at the front desk is the main point of contact for performers as they arrive at 
the Eisteddfod.
At all events attendance sheets will be kept by the Registration Volunteer, this information being relayed
to the MC before the start of each event.
In the case of Dance Events performers will supply CD's of their backing music at Registration.
In the case of Speech Events performers of own-choice events will supply a copy of their item for the adjudicator
In the case of Vocal and Instrumental Events performers will supply a copy of their music sheet for the adjudicator
unless they have uploaded it at pre-registration - see below


From 2011 competitors/teachers in Vocal, Instrumental and Seniors events are being asked to Pre-Register their music/item details.  The information so entered will be provided to the Registration Desk on performance day,  and competitors should check with the desk as they arrive , supplying music copies matching the pre-registered information. 

If they have not pre-registered their information, all details need to be collected by the Registration Desk  as described below - please encourage them to pre-register for future events.

If they have pre-registered, you should check the details with them as they hand in their music.

If competitors wish to edit the information supplied that should be noted on the Performance List before the adjudicator's material and the stage manager's material is delivered at the start of the section. 

PROVIDED; Pen, Programme, Registration list with clip‑on labels

  1. Please mark off competitors as they arrive. Attach the small  label to the material they have brought for the adjudicator (it should have Section No.and Competitor No. clipped on it, NO NAMES should be visible to the  adjudicator).
  2. Fill in the name of the piece being presented on the larger label. This is given later to the stage manager so he/she can announce the item.
  3. When a section is ready to commence, take the bundle of labelled performance material to the adjudicator's table. Give the title labels to the stage manager.
  4. When the section has finished, collect the material AND the adjudication reports from the adjudicator's table. Hand back to the competitors as they come out:
    • their reports,
    • any printed music or authorised photocopies.  If the photocopy is NOT authorised (stamped with copyright owners' permission), you must retain the copy and destroy it. This is most important, as AMCOS regularly checks up on us.
  5. Keep the lists. Sometimes, a competitor arrives late. He/she may still be permitted to perform if the section has not closed, but  must go on last.
  6. In a few sections there are competitors who have been given permission by the coordinator to perform at a different time or in a different section to that marked. Please treat them as part of the section. Give them a number if necessary. Check with the coordinator if not sure.