• Please take note of the deadlines for the various disciplines.

  • Volunteers always needed. Read about this on front page menu item

  • New Registrations Jan-Sept - Not needed to make entry

  • Syllabus for 2024 posted from Nov 30 in catalogue form. Entries from Jan 14th

Volunteer Information

Scribe Tasks


Materials provided:            

  • Adjudicator's Comments Sheets (may be pre-labelled in the case of Seniors /50 plus)
  • Highly Commended Certificates (always needed)
  • Certificates for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place (only needed where there are cash prizes)
  • Programme
  • Stop watch
  • Pen
  • Extra information for the adjudicator (e.g. scholarship requirements etc.)
  • Bell (for timing, if needed).
  1. At the beginning of a section, registration people will bring you copies of the pieces to be presented by the contestants in this section - or an iPAD with music loaded onto it (probably a mixture of both). They should be in order and labelled with the contestant's number clipped on. If they have not done so, go and fetch them from registration desk . It is important to start on time.

  2. Hand the correct material for each competitor to the adjudicator just before each contestant begins to perform.

    • Write the section number, date, and the contestant's number at the top of the Adjudicator Report sheet, and hand to the adjudicator. He/she may wish to write his/her own comments, but be ready to take down from dictation, if he/she prefers you to write the comments. If you are doing the writing, make sure it is neat and clear. Have a bottle of white‑out liquid just in case of mistakes.

    • Make sure that your contestant's number corresponds to the number displayed by the stage manager (sometimes, people are permitted to perform out of order, or are missing).

    • Except in the case of Seniors/50 Plus events a competitor's name must NOT appear on the sheet. If needed for reference, write the title of the piece being performed.

    • Make sure the adjudicator signs each report sheet
  3. At the conclusion of the section, the adjudicator will extract the 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizewinners from the bundle of report sheets, and also any that he/she highly commends. Keep a record of these place‑getters in your programme (or supplied Prizewinners Sheet )  for the coordinator.

  4. Fill in the number and name (referring to your program) of the contestant on any HIGHLY COMMENDED certificates, so that these can be presented along with trophies or prize money.  If there is a money prize, fill out a certificate (1st, 2nd, 3rd) with the competitor's name & details. Certificates are not given to those who receive trophies. You (or the stage manager) will be required to fill in the placegetters' names on the blank cheques made out with the prize amount. If the winner is a group, ask them how they wish the cheque to be made out.

  5. If there is a time limit on the performance press start on the stopwatch at the start of the performance (check with the adjudicator if in doubt as to what represents the start) . Only take note if the time is exceeded, and draw the adjudicator's attention to this at the conclusion of the item. There are penalties for going over time. This is most important, as complaints come in if the time is exceeded and nobody has a record of it at the adjudication table. NOTE: In instrumental sections a competitor may  have a single or double asterisk after their name - this indicates that they have 1 or 2 minutes extra time allowance due to the purchase of an ETC (extra time coupon).

  6. While the presentations are going on, quietly take the rest of the report sheets, and the copies of the materials back to the registration desk so they can be returned to the contestants.

    If you would like to see a short video demonstrating a scribe in action please ask the coordinator, who can arrange for you to receive the link.